An Interview with Patrick Friesen Added to the Canadian Bibliography

Friesen, Patrick. “5 Questions with Poet Patrick Friesen.” By Erin Koop Unger. Mennotoba, 25 May 2022,

Mennotoba has published another installment of their enjoyable series of interviews with Mennonite writers, this time with Patrick Friesen. It has been added to Friesen’s entry in the Canadian Bibliography.

Two Pieces from the New Issue of the Journal of Mennonite Writing Added

Gundy, Jeff. “Introduction.” Journal of Mennonite Writing 14.1 (2022):

—. “On Todd Davis, Coffin Honey, and a Dead Beaver.” Journal of Mennonite Writing 14.1 (2022):

The first 2022 issue of the Journal of Mennonite Writing is now published. Jeff Gundy has become coeditor with Ann Hostetler. He wrote the issue’s introduction, which has been added to the General Bibliography and to his entry in the U.S. Bibliography. He also wrote a hybrid personal essay/review of Todd Davis’s new book that is fascinating enough that I decided to include it in his and Davis’s entries (Davis’s is also in the U.S. Bibliography) even though the Bibliographies normally do not include reviews.

The issue also includes a number of poems, a short story, and another short review, none of which are eligible for the Bibliographies, but which are definitely worth a read!

Robert Zacharias’s Reading Mennonite Writing Added to the Bibliographies

Zacharias, Robert. Reading Mennonite Writing: A Study in Minor Transnationalism. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2022.

Robert Zacharias has just published a major new book in Mennonite literary criticism. It includes several chapters on the field in general and several on specific texts. The book has been added to the General Bibliography, to Sofia Samatar’s entry in the U.S. Bibliography, and to Dietrich Neufeld’s, Casey Plett’s, and Miriam Toews’s entries in the Canadian Bibliography.

An Article About Paul Hiebert Added to the Canadian Bibliography

Unger, Erin Koop. “Seeking Paul Hiebert’s Carman.” Mennotoba, 27 April 2022,

Erin Koop Unger just published a fascinating account about exploring some of Paul Hiebert’s old haunts that has been added to his entry in the Canadian Bibliography.

Books by Dora Dueck, Jonathan Dyck, and Georgia Toews Added to the Canadian Bibliography

Dueck, Dora. Return Stroke: Essays & Memoir. Winnipeg: Canadian Mennonite University Press, 2022.

Dyck, Jonathan. Shelterbelts. Wolfville, NS: Conundrum Press, 2022.

Toews, Georgia. Hey, Good Luck Out There. Toronto: Doubleday, 2022.

With the help of this Mennotoba post, I’ve added three new (forthcoming a bit later this spring in the case of Dyck and Toews) books to the Canadian Bibliography. Dyck’s and Toews’s are first books, and thus have resulted in new entries being created for their authors.

Three Kate Baer Books and a Jane Rohrer Book Added to the U.S. Bibliography

Baer, Kate. What Kind of Woman: Poems. New York: HarperPerennial, 2020.

—. I Hope This Finds You Well: Poems. New York: HarperPerennial, 2021.

—. And Yet: Poems. New York: HarperPerennial, 2022.

Rohrer, Jane. Life after Death. Riverdale-on-Hudson, NY: Sheep Meadow Press, 2002. Rpt. Goshen, IN: Painted Glass Press, 2022.

I just found out about the poet Kate Baer, who is apparently all the rage. She’s a Mennonite (Baer [and its variations] is a common Swiss Mennonite last name), so I have created an entry for her in the U.S. Bibliography. And Yet isn’t out yet, but is forthcoming later this year and is available for preorder, so I decided to list it now.

Also, earlier this week, Painted Glass Press, a publisher run by Ann Hostetler, just published its first volume, a reprinting of Jane Rohrer’s first book of poetry. Rohrer’s entry in the U.S. Bibliography has been updated accordingly.

K.R. Byggdin’s Novel Wonder World Added to the Canadian Bibliography

Byggdin, K.R. “5 Questions with Author K.R. Byggdin.” By Erin Koop Unger. Mennotoba, 18 April 2022,

Byggdin, K.R. Wonder World. Winnipeg: Great Plains, 2022.

K.R. Byggdin’s first book, a novel, just came out. I have created an entry for them in the Canadian Bibliography (they’re originally from Manitoba). They have an interview in Mennotoba that just came out today, which I have also included.

Merle Good’s Christine’s Turn Added to the U.S. Bibliography

Good, Merle. Christine’s Turn. Lancaster, PA: Walnut Street Books, 2022.

Merle Good’s new novel, Christine’s Turn, has just been added to his entry in the U.S. Bibliography. It is his first novel since 1975’s Happy As the Grass Was Green (reprinted as Hazel’s People), though he’s published plays and a memoir in the interim.

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